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After opening 137 places, participation in the creation of 200 new places in the Brussels Region for people with a mental disability.

Date: 2020Q3



1.   La Maisonnée: residential center: Spring 2016 to Spring 2021


2.   Les Piloux: nursery: January 2017 to early Fall 2021


3.   CREB Anderlecht: new day centre: January 2017 to Fall 2021


4.   CREB Woluwe: new day and accommodation centers: January 2019 to Fall 2024


5.   La Forestière: new day centre: Fall 2019 to Fall 2024



Supporting Constellations means you contribute to the creation of new, inclusive residential centres. This means you become part of increasing the opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to lead richer and fulfilling lives.


Without you none of this is possible.


We hope you enjoy reading about our programmes.


The objective of Constellations (a non-profit organisation) is to create living spaces for people with a mental disability.


Since its start in 2001 by a group of parents, Constellations has worked in the Brussels region to support young adults with mental disabilities, with the mission to develop proper housing for them. There is indeed a dramatic lack of places (day and residence centres) in the capital of Europe.

The Constellations team is composed of parents and scientific authorities coming from the two largest communities of Belgium.

After creating 50 places and three houses in Brussels (between 2006 and 2013) in the space of seven years, we chose to support projects initiated by other associations.

 By bringing our know-how/financial support to their projects (since 2014), we allow them to open more rapidly. These projects must meet the following criteria:

  • to be in line with the Constellations statement of purpose
  • and to contribute to reducing the shortage of places in Brussels institutions for mentally handicapped people.

Once the houses are open, operating expenses are covered by the Region concerned, thus guaranteeing the long-term future of its habitants.

Constellations in a few figures:



Between 2006 et 2013: 3 houses were opened  Les Bolets, Artemia, Orfea.


Between 2014 et 2021: 6 houses (3 already opened, 3 will be before the end of 2021) Villa Pilifs, Farra Stratégie, Artos, La Toune, Le CREB Anderlecht, Les Piloux.


3 other houses are in the preliminary stage Le CREB Woluwe (day center), Le CREB Woluwe (accommodation center), La Forestière.


In total, the ASBL Constellations will have created 12 houses with a total of more than 340 places (137 already open, 60 under construction and 146 under creation) in 16 years (2008-20024), alone or in cooperation with other ASBL. This represents more than 15% of all the places available in the Brussels-Capital Region.


In this way, it has also enabled the creation of an approximately equivalent number of jobs, particularly for young people


Our next theatrical evening will take place on April 20, 2021 and will be placed, for the 13th consecutive year, under the High Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Paola



The Constellations projects under development


La Forestière: new day centre (64 places): - Fall 2019 to Fall 2024


CREB Woluwe: new day and accommodation centres (82 places) – January 2019 to Fall 2024


Breaking news :


  • la Forestière (2021-2022). The current buildings are unfit to welcome people with a mental disability. The project has been approved in principle by the College of Ministers of the Brussels-Capital Region


  • Creb Woluwe: To-day’s buildings have become unfit (asbestos) and too small to meet updated norms. We need to rebuild completely or have to close.. The project has been approved in principle by the College of Ministers of the Brussels-Capital Region


The Constellations projects under construction


Les Piloux: new nursery (20 places) – March 2017 to early Fall 2021


CREB Anderlecht: day centre (30 places) – March/April 2018 to Fall 2021


La Toune (la Maisonnée) : accommodation centre (10 places) - Spring 2016 to Spring 2021


Breaking news :


  • L’Asbl les Piloux: The total file has been approved by.The ceremony of “la première pierre” slated for April 29 has been cancelled due to the sanitary situation.Construction has been delayed  and began  on June 30 .We supported this project financially in 2018/19.


  • L’Asbl CREB Anderlecht (fundraising 2017/18): Final approval on this project was received from the College des Ministres in December 2019.The “premiere pierre”ceremony took place on January 22 in the presence of Minister President Vervoort.Construction delayed due to the pandemic began on  June 15.


  • La Toune: construction started in december 2019 and resumed three weeks ago when pandemic rules were relaxed.




Completed Constellations projects


Artos: day centre (25 adults), opened in September 2018


FARRA Stratégie: day centre (32 adults), opened in October 2016


La « Villa Pilifs »: accommodation centre (20 adults) and day centre (10 adults) opened in March 2015


« Artemia » and « Orfea »: The day centre (Artemia) opened end of 2012. An accommodation centre (Orfea), opened in March 2013. They each have 20 places


Les Bolets: accommodation centre for 10 adult people, opened in 2008


The 12 houses of Constellations in a few words


Development projects


12th house: « La Forestière » - in cooperation with the asbl La Forestière / Future fundraising in 2021-2022


 The day centre welcomes 64 persons. The current buildings have been bought alongside capacity increases.

These buildings were never designed to welcome people with a mental handicap, even less with reduced mobility or getting old. Their energy efficiency is very poor.

The project has been approved in principle by the College des Ministers of the Brussels Region.

An architect with significant experience in building houses designed for people with a mental disability is in the process of being recruited. His first step will be to develop plans for the new center as well as cost estimate for the project.



11th et 10th houses: « Le CREB WOLUWE » - in cooperation with the asbl CREB /fundraising 2019-2020 & 2020-2021


Project for the extension and complete renovation of the day centres (55 places) and accommodation centres (27 places) of CREB Woluwe (Centre de Rééducation de l'Enfance à Bruxelles). This is the CREB's second project.


The Asbl Creb is a living place for children with multiple disabilities including a severe mental handicap.


The day care centre located in Woluwe welcomes 55 children and teenagers. A large group of these, 27 are living there full-time. In total this is 82 places for the two houses. The waiting list is on average four to five years. Currently, children coming from the North-West of Brussels spend 4 to 5 hours daily in transportation. This is a total non-sense! Further,to-day’s buildings have become unfit(asbestos)  and too small to meet updated norms.We need to rebuild completely or have to close.

We have never managed a project has big as this one. 55 children are concerned and 82 places at stake. This will be the most ambitious project we ever carried. The cost is 4.000.000€. 120 people work there, and their job is also at stake.

The ground floor needs rebuilding. A first-floor needs be added. The living surfaces will need to be increased by +/- 1 000 m² and will allow the upgrading of the rooms, the sanitary equipment, …. The works will be phased in time since it is impossible to close.


The preliminary project has just been approved by the by the College of Ministers of the Brussels-Capital Region.

So far, we have gathered 300.000€.

As for the CREB Anderlecht, Constellations is ready to assume the leadership of this project


Projects under construction


9th house: « Les Piloux » - - in cooperation with the Asbl Les Piloux / Fundraising 2018-2019


Les Piloux is a project for an inclusive crèche with about 20 places, nearly half of which will be reserved for children with intellectual disabilities (with or without associated handicaps, sensory disorders, etc.).


Mixing “normal” infants with some carrying a handicap will allow us to avoid the isolation that young parents of disabled children meet too often.


The project is 100% approved. The ceremony of “la première pierre” slated for April 29 was cancelled due to the sanitary situation.Construction began on June 30.



8th house: « CREB Anderlecht » - in cooperation with the Asbl CREB/ Fundraising 2017-2018


Opening of a new day centre (30 places) for polyhandicapped children


Hence, first the project of the Asbl Creb to open a second centre in the North-West of Brussels.

We got agreement for a great piece of land in Anderlecht, the right location. This land was given to us by a public entity via an emphyteutic lease for a very low annual 25.000€ canon.

We have applied for the building permit and obtained it extremely fast. The technical specifications have also been approved. The tender process has now been completed, and our recommendation as to the contactor approved.

The project has been approved by the Ministers of the Brussels region. The ceremony of “la première pierre” took place on January 22.

Construction  started on June 15.

This new centre will not only reduce the time lost in transportation and cut it by 50%, but it will also create 30 places.

This project will be financed by the Brussels Region thanks to a special 2.344.000€ budget.

The missing 1.350.000€ is provided by Constellations, the Lokumo Foundation managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, the Brussel’s Rotary clubs, the foundation  M. M. Delacroix, the National Lotery and an outstanding  contribution from Cap 48.

Constellations plays a major role in all aspects of this project.